Why Coaching?

Here are some of the areas where coaching can help you with:

  • Enhance self care
  • Improve your mindset
  • LIving Authentically
  • Develop empowering habits
  • Building Self-Confidence

Anything is Possible!

Coaching is like a brainstorm session. As a coach I am here to help you through that process of understanding your thoughts, finding out possibilities and breaking down barriers. This can be anything in the here and now such as minimising stress, how to engage in healthy relationships or build your self-confidence. Coaching is powerful and can be applied on almost anything. It is also helpful at times when we feel overwhelmed with life and the choices it is offering us, which may sound familiar by the phrase ‘feeling stuck’.

The coaching process is the key to unlock your true potentials, ideas and thought processes. It will help you understand what your needs are and with what kind of a mindset you approach life. This is essential to know when you are determined to make changes in order to achieve what you truly want in life. By giving our mind attention and training we will be able to pursue anything that is important to us and contribute to a more responsible, loving, and humble society.

In coaching we form a trusted partnership which is based on honesty and non-judgement. As every person and topic are different there is no standard script for a coaching session. By immersing in the coaching conversation with our full attention, care and an open mindset this is where the magic starts and beautiful answers will arise.

My coaching style

My coaching style is calm, proactive and encouraging. I am providing you a safe space to think and come to your own conclusions. Combined with great coaching techniques which were acquired from the course Executive and Life coaching by Positive Success Group. Furthermore, I have gained experience from practicing personal development myself and have worked with several experts over the course of the past few years.
Last but not least, the passion I have for coaching is based on my life experiences, my belief in personal development and motivation to help others achieve what they truly want in life.

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