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I realized some aspects that were going to help me with my struggle – things that I could control myself and that have made a difference in my thought process and personal attitude. It also brought out some stress factors that I had created myself and I have been able to eliminate these, which makes a huge difference to my life. I realized also how much some things that happened in the near past affected me and still did, so being aware of this helps me to deal with this better now


I am more aware now of things that I need to do in work and life to let me move forward. I look at my life differently now and ask myself questions as to why I react to stress etc. I am more aware of myself now and happier within myself.


Mijke is a great listener therefore it was easy for me to talk to her. It was great to get to the bottom line of my issues and to appreciate my values. I felt that Mijke was very genuine and that was a lovely feeling.

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