Activating Self-Care: 4 inspiring reasons to start Journaling

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August 10, 2020

Let's talk about Self-Care! This article is part of a practical guide to introduce 5 tools which support the practice of taking care of yourself and your overall wellbeing.

We are going to kick off with journaling. Out of all the relationships we have how much time do we actually dedicate to ourselves? When do we take a moment and listen to what we experience, want and need? When do we simply spend some time, just like we do with a friend or family member, and check-in with ourselves?

This is where journaling can help you out.

What do you need: a nice notebook and pen or just a notes application on your phone.

The benefits: It helps you to release and relax the mind, it provides useful insights and it helps to reflect and stay in touch with yourself.

Here are 4 inspiring reasons to introduce journaling into your life.

1. Creating a safe space where you can express yourself.

When you write there is no interference from outside, no judgement from friends and family - only self-judgement which can lead to insightful reflections if you handle it with kindness.

It’s between you and the paper. It’s where you can drop your ideas, create opinions and shape yourself in a quiet time. In your journal, you can spill all your thoughts and emotions without getting anybody involved.

There are times you just need to vent without getting worried that somebody gets offended or too involved. It is very important to express yourself but it is not always necessary to share it.

2. Creating perspective on a situation.

Writing can help you to get you out of the heat of the moment. Be honest with your words about how you feel, what you see, sense and think. This might be an obvious statement, but we may experience some uncomfortableness to show our true self on paper.

Once your thoughts are all on the paper you get to see the situation from a different angle. This will help you to get a better perspective on the situation and the choices you have, which ultimately will lead you to make well-informed decisions.

3. Help yourself.

Whenever you encounter a difficult time in your life journaling is a beautiful tool to help yourself.

By giving space and time to write about the situation, express all your thoughts and feelings it will help you understand what is going on.

This, and the act of writing, will help you a lot to release tension (worries) from the mind, gain clarity, and what you actually need. This part is extremely important, knowing what you need so you can consciously help yourself.

4. Track your process.

Not only useful but also fun to do! Reading back your old journals could give you many insights about your personal development. It is an overview of your past achievements, fun memories with friends and family, times you were standing up for yourself, the difficulties you faced in life and how you conquered each and one of them. This is all proof that whatever you may encounter you will make it because you are capable to make change happen!

Bonus tip - Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes I feel too tired or just not in the mood to write in my journal yet I do feel the need to check-in with myself.

In those situations, I choose to do a voice-recording of myself. I pretend to have a conversation with somebody to allow myself being comfortable enough to release my mind just as I would in my journal. Hearing yourself speak out loud and not having to deal with a conversation partner can be very empowering and liberating.

Journaling is a great tool to practice self-care. It helps you to stay in touch with yourself, finding out what you need to support yourself and which choices you have.

So why not to give it a try? You have nothing to lose, only to gain.

What is on your mind these days that you would like to write about?

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