Activating Self-Care: 5 remarkable benefits of having a dedicated Morning Routine

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August 24, 2020

Self-Care it is all about dedicating time to yourself so you can stay in touch with yourself, support self-growth and love. What a better time to start with this than as the first thing in the morning?

Having a dedicated morning routine has been a life-changing tool for me and I want to share the benefits I discovered with you so you can step up your game too.

I used to wake up according to the time I had to be in the office. I schedule how much time I would need to take a shower, get dressed, prepare and eat breakfast, and commute to work. This was brilliantly calculated and I would clock in every day around the same time. Although this was a nice oiled machine, I felt that my working hours in the office had too much control over my time. Doing this day in and day out I was not getting much out of it other than being a punctual employee. By the end of the day I did not have much energy and I would need a lot of motivation and discipline to spend time on the things that were important to me.

From experiment to habit.

Last year, my 'soon to be husband' Jonathan ('soon-to-be' at that time) and I quit our jobs so we could enjoy Ireland for 2 more months in a different way, to focus on our projects, prepare for our next adventure in Australia and getting married in the city we met.

So to create a 'significant start of the day' we would wake up around 7 am and invest right away in ourselves by going for a morning run. Followed by a refreshing shower and taking the time to eat breakfast. This helped a lot to get us focussed and energized on our projects for the rest of the day.

This routine changed 2 months later once we started travelling in Australia. We bought a converted camper-van and travelled from Perth to Melbourne, and although we were waking up early we played each day by ear.

Right before lockdown, we settled in the Netherlands and here we started again to create a morning routine which is dedicated to our own needs and development.

I wake up every day around 7 am or at least two hours before my part-time job starts to exercise and/ or read about subjects around coaching and personal development. Each morning I take time to meditate, stretch my body and write in my gratitude diary. Having about 2 hours to myself before engaging with the outside world is helping me a lot to feel confident, content and pursue my goals.

Here are 5 remarkable benefits of having a dedicated morning routine

1. Self-Empowerment. You get to decide what you are going to do first thing in the morning to support yourself. Instead of having a morning routine based on somebody else's time or schedule such as your employer-, university-, (kids) school- and daycare time etc, you pick some time for yourself first. Even it's 10 minutes it's worth it, you are worth it and you will feel the benefits from it. This decision, creating time for yourself, is giving you empowerment over your day.

2. Self-confidence. Waking up early and dedicating time to your development is another way of showing yourself that you value your life. Every day you guarantee yourself that there is a specific time in the day that you get to work on the things which are important to you and are beneficial to support you. This is helpful to stay connected with your own being and is a boost for your self-confidence.

3. Fulfilment. Whatever it is you choose to spend time on during your morning routine, allows progress to happen. Every day you learn a bit more by reading about that subject, challenging your body with some new workout or practicing self-care by writing in your journal. It's fun to learn and progress in something, it helps us to feel fulfilled in life.

4. Time-management. We can not create more time but we can use our time more wisely. Being efficient with your time can help you a lot to make the most out of your day. By the end of the day, we are often exhausted. It is not effective to work when you are tired and feel like dragging yourself to do some of your 'side' projects in the evening. It takes the fun out of it too. Unless your energy peak is at this time it is better to switch things around and do your projects in the morning. In the evening you will have more time to spend on things which do not need a high brain activity such as making a delicious meal, go out for a walk, spend time with friends or family.

5. Goal setting. Do you have a particular goal you want to reach in the next months? Adding it to your morning routine can reinforce the desired outcome. As you dedicate a scheduled time-frame for it, you create less time for distractions such as: tiredness, unexpected long hours at the office or invites from friends and family to spend time together.

Bonus tip - feeling energized. Now that you spend more time on you and on things you like, it is most likely to get excited and energized by all of this. This feeling will carry you throughout the days and you may even feel like you have plenty of energy to do other activities in your free time, such as starting a new sport, helping your community, become more creative and so on. It's the zest for life, enjoy it!

Being exposed to these benefits on a daily base will give you strength, courage and calmness. Every day you get to practice something that is important to you and every time you will excel a bit more. You will discover how you learn on days you feel on your best, your worst and anything else in between. You get to know yourself in a different light and realize how you can support yourself. When you start to create a morning routine, make sure you know why you are doing this. What is your drive to wake up at this time and start doing this? This will help you to motivate yourself on days you don't feel like unwrapping yourself from those warm blankets and roll out of bed.

What would you like to dedicate more time on? Life Coaching can help you to identify your goals and create a morning routine to your needs. Feel encouraged to book a Free Consultation!

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