About me

Hi, I am Mijke

Before I continue, allow me to help you with how my name is pronounced: it’s “Mikeh”.

I was raised in a small coastal town in the Netherlands and have been living for most of my adult life around the globe traveling and working for various companies.
Driven to explore outside the borders of my hometown and the need to challenge myself has given me a rich life.

This way of living was and is my best version of school! I have learned much about being independent, improving intuition, building relationships, overcome challenges, making peace with sufferings of the heart, but most of all how it is to be me; what it is that I need to do to have a comfortable, meaningful, exciting life full of love.
Looking back, it all was, and is, about creating the best version of myself. In this journey I discovered how passionate I am about personal development and coaching.

In my late 20’s I was living in the beautiful city of Athens, Greece. Here I had the opportunity to learn more about the practice of coaching due to my role as a team leader and trainer in a call-center environment.
Working closely with people to identify their work behaviour, creating goals for positive change and motivate them were absolutely my favourite aspects of the job.

Ever since, I have been shaping and adjusting my life more consciously to what feels good to me with a strong focus on personal growth by creating balance between body, mind, and soul.
Personal development is important and I continue to educate myself by doing various training and courses.
To enhance my skills as a coach I successfully completed in 2018 the Executive and Life coaching course by Positive Success Group.

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