Personal Development Coaching
To have a great relationship with yourself!
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Why coaching?

The Benefits of Coaching

Being Content

Creating balance in your life by finding the answers within yourself.

Improve Relationships

How you treat yourself reflects on the relationships you have with others.

Positive Change

Building confidence to shape the life you desire.

Achieve Your Dreams

Creating a realistic and personal plan to achieve your dreams.

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About me

Hi, I am Mijke.

Calm but determined and always up for a challenge. Shy-Kind-of-person but just in the beginning. Animal lover, adventurous and extraordinarily curious and also cheerful and patient.

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how it works

We work together

We form a trusted partnership where the focus is on you. At any time, you decide which topic you want to work on and via thought provoking questions we engage in a fruitful coaching conversation.

how it works

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Making change happen from the comfort of your couch! A variety of choices to start investing in your yourself and your future!

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Thank you so much Mijke for being a wonderful coach to me.  You really have helped me to turn my life around.  I feel like I can do anything.  I have gotten out of a difficulty situation in my life and I feel like the last 8 weeks has made it happen.  I look forward to meeting with you over the next few months. Shirley, Ireland
I am more aware now of things that I need to do in work and life to let me move forward. I look at my life differently now and ask myself questions as to why I react to stress etc.  I am more aware of myself now and happier within myself. Pat, Ireland
"I realized some aspects that were going to help me with my struggle – things that I could control myself and that have made a difference in my thought process and personal attitude. It also brought out some stress factors that I had created myself and I have been able to eliminate these, which makes a huge difference to my life. I realized also how much some things that happened in the near past affected me and still did, so being aware of this helps me to deal with this better now." Suzanne, Ireland
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